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  • To all of my beloved customer please take a minute to read and understand how this will work for you.
  • All items names under gift box smart catering - Edwin Special and cocktail reception menu is available to you.

(Send a gift of meal to someone that you care about)

  • All selection will be fully prepare and ready to eat. Professional wrap in a gift box and delivery to your choice location. These samples of people and places that may be ideal for your gift.
  • Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, small wedding, stag and doe, showers, family occasions, festive occasions, school graduations, office party, kids in school, wife, husband, friends, your employer, employee, too busy after birth, someone in hospital, a wake, and much more....

Please let us know the exact time that you want it deliver and our professional delivery company will do the rest.

    • These will be a delivery charge cost based on the location.
    • Because of this service will not be the same as a regular take out.
    • After you call your order or order online or come in to order...
    • We have same day delivery, next day delivery, next three day delivery, 10 day delivery, 1 month delivery.
    • ALL Customers will be called to confirm items, prices, payment, delivery time and date and address deliver to....
Gift Box Menu for Lunch, Dinner and Group Dinning
Send a Meal as Gift to someone that you care about
All Meals are prepared and ready to eat
All Dinners are served with Salad and Rice
1 Chicken Roti / Salad $13.99 4-100 Peaple 10.99 each
Goat Roti / Salad  $14.99 4-100 Peaple 11.99 each
Seafood Roti / Salad  $15.99 4-100 Peaple 12.99 each
Beef Roti / Salad $13.99 4-100 Peaple 10.99 each
2 Vegetarian Roti / Salad  $12.99 4-100 Peaple 11.99 each
3 Jerk Chicken Wrap / Salad $13.99 4-100 Peaple 13.99 each
4 Vegetarian Wrap / Salad  $11.99 4-100 Peaple 10.99 each
Jerk Pork Wrap $12.99 4-100 Peaple $11.99 eac
Baked Chicken Breast Parm Sandwich / Salad  $8.99 Per Dozen $72.00
Jerk Chicken Sandwich $8.99 Per Dozen $72.00
5 Jerk Chicken Dinner $12.99 $5.99 Per Price
6 Caribbean Fried Chicken Dinner $12.99 $5.99 Per Price
7 Chicken Parmesan Dinner $15.99 4-100 People $13.99 each
8 Curry Chicken Pickled with Broccoli Dinner $16.99
9 Curry Tiger Shrimp Dinner
Pickled With Broccoli and Pepper $18.99
Jerk Chicken and Pork Rib Dinner $16.99
10 Grilled Virgin Jerk Chicken Breast and 
Avocado on Caribbean Bread Loaf Sandwich  $13.99
11 Grilled Wild Salmon Filet Dinner $20.99
12 Baked Jerk Haddock Filet in Foil Dinner $30.99
13 Ackee and Cod Fish Dinner $18.99
14 Jerk Chicken Caesar $14.99
15 Grilled Chicken Breast Calabrase $14.99
16 Jerk Shrimp Caesar $16.99
17 Grilled Salmon / Salad  $16.99
18 Jerk Lobster Tail Surf'n Turf Dinner Market Price
19 Lobster Tail Medley Dinner Market Price